Waldringfield Golf Club



Golf is an extremely popular sport with people from all walks of life. It offers stress-busting fresh air, healthy exercise and a sporting fascination that comes from personal challenge and friendly competition with others. Beyond that there is every opportunity to join in the wonderful camaraderie that is part of the club’s family-friendly social scene.


New club members are always made welcome at Waldringfield, and all members have equal status regardless of age, sex and ability - all subscription rates are for full 7 day membership.


Waldringfield enjoys a particularly large and active seniors section, however men, ladies and juniors of all ages are well catered for within their own sections. Our golfing staff has excellent knowledge and experience of our existing membership, and can recommend likeminded playing groups, to help new members quickly and fully integrate within the club.


Potential new members, may like to try our 50/50 TRIAL MEMBERSHIP to see if Waldringfield is the right club for them, before committing to full membership.


COUNTRY MEMBERSHIP category is also available as second club membership to Waldringfield for full members of E.G. Affiliated Clubs from outside of Suffolk.


All membership subscriptions are inclusive of V.A.T. and golf union fees as required. There are no joining fees or levies to be added. Our golfing year begins 1st April and new subscriptions are calculated pro rata from joining date. Full details and prices can be found via our current APPLICATION FORM.